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Thread: Understanding DEP/NX security feature in IE

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    Default Understanding DEP/NX security feature in IE

    In the latest article over on his IEInternals blog, Eric Lawrence conveys to a reader the importance of DEP/NX (Data Execution Prevention / No Execute) security feature and why is it important to upgrade from earlier version of Internet Explorer to the latest one:

    DEP/NX is a feature of modern CPUs that allows marking of memory pages as Executable or non-Executable. This allows the CPU to help prevent execution of malicious data placed into memory by an attacker. If the CPU detects that it is about to jump to (begin execution of) data which is in a memory page which is not marked as Executable, the CPU will raise an exception which results in termination of the process.

    Stated another way, if DEP/NX determines that if a potentially dangerous jump is about to be made, the process is intentionally “safely crashed” to prevent a potential security exploit.
    Please continue reading at source - Understanding DEP/NX.

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    Thank you very much for posting this my friend. I think all here should take the time to read the article and increase their understanding.

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    same^ thanks ~

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