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Thread: A batch file for setting IE as the default browser

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    Default A batch file for setting IE as the default browser

    Perhaps some may find this useful:

    One of my customers wanted assistance to set the Internet Explorer as the default browser through group policy even though the user installs other browsers and makes it the default browser.

    Since there aren't any predefined GP available, I helped him write a batch file that will set the registries to make IE as the default browser

    This batch file can be further used as a Logon Script which can get applied on the client machines after the users login to the machine. However you can use it on individual machines too, in case you donít want to use the group policy.

    NOTE: I have tested this batch file when Firefox and Chrome were selected as default browser earlier.
    To obtain the batch file please access this site - A batch file for setting IE as the default browser.

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    Yes I am sure someone will find it useful. thank you for the post

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    Hey I am really not able to make IE as default browser by this too, what it does here is it do made IE as default browser but when I click on a link my Chrome browser open up and ask me for making it as default.

    I am using 64 bit IE in Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Did any one experience the same?

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    Thanks for sharing. Yes, it can be useful.

    Windows 7 comes with advance options to set default application for particular files types. I blogged today morning one such tip.
    How to set default program association in windows 7 9Flu

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