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Thread: Creating an IE8 Drop-Down Toolbar Button

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    Question Creating an IE8 Drop-Down Toolbar Button


    I'm writing an IE plugin which will attach to the IE standard toolbar (containing Home, print, Tools buttons) as a Drop-Down Toolbar button and will open an menu upon user click. Which is very similar to "Home", "print" "Tool" dropdown button.

    My code was working perfectly fine with IE6 and IE7. But as Microsoft has drastically changed the internals of IE8 with separate processes and introducing other classes for the toolbar, my plugin is not working.

    So, Can anybody knows ... How to develop an drop-down toolbar button for IE8 ?

    Thank you.

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    DOn't know how to but I like the idea of creating a plugin like that.............

    Now I am gonna try my hands in Plugins too

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    well, are you aware of this framework ? I've never worked with it but it looks pretty promising..

    SpicIE Framework


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