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Thread: Fix, Repair, Tweak and Hack IE with IE Tweaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by leofelix View Post
    You are very welcome Rags

    I'm sure it is not malware of course, since I joined the a-squared network I sent them the sample and I told them it is not a backdoor.
    Thanks for this Leofelix.

    In between I just got the new that its added in Softpedia too.

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    Happy to know you software has been added to Softpedia,
    a great award.

    Sincere congratulations

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    Congrats ritesh, your utility is now featured on Softpedia...

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    Make all tabs run under same process
    Quite confusing...! It may affect Process Isolation and make inaccessible Crash Recovery feature of IE8.

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    Default IE Tweaker 2.0 Released

    For those who like to tweak their IE, here is a better IE Tweaker Utility !!

    IE Tweaker 2.0, which Ritesh Kawadkar have developed for This version has lots of easy to use tweakers/power toys and is designed after the inputs/feedback from our users of IE Tweaker 1.0.

    IE Tweaker 1.0 has a remarkable download count of 43,000 (21,000 is from our website only).

    The new version has lot of easy to use options and also has a detailed user guide that helps even novice users to use the IETweaker utility easily.

    Download IE Tweaker 2.0 from the following links:

    1. IE Tweaker 2.0 - Zip format

    2. IE Tweaker 2.0 - rar Format

    NOTE: It is always recommended to take a backup of Windows Registry/create a system restore point before using any tweaking tools.

    Waiting for Feedback..

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    Is tweaker good for IE9 yet? just downloded IE9 for windows 7, and some problems show up. Everything was fine with IE8, I fell for the IE9 sales pitch, now my copy of windows is not genuine anymore, and shutdown needs to be forced, becouse "explorer.exe play logoff sound" is still running.
    I don't know why I tried to fix what wasn't broken.
    Also, do you like registry cleaner programs? Thanks.

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