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Thread: IE 9 Won't be Supported by XP or Vista SP1

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    Default IE 9 Won't be Supported by XP or Vista SP1

    Microsoft announced today that they were working on Internet Explorer 9, and that it would not support Windows XP or Vista SP1.

    Customers that tried to deploy IE9 Platform Preview on Vista SP1, XP SP3, or older releases of Windows got the following message from the installer: “Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview doesn’t support any operating systems earlier than Windows Vista SP2.” This aspect is evident in the system requirements outlined by Microsoft.

    IE9 Has No Love for XP SP3 or Vista SP1, and No Support - Not as Platform Preview, and not in the future - Softpedia

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    Thats Bad News. Microsoft Internet explorer 9 should able to support windows xp and vista sp1. Millions of People are Using Windows XP, and Windows Vista SP1. Now Microsoft should see all their issues. I have tried internet explorer 9 and it looks good. Many People who has windows xp would like to install internet explorer 9, but its bad news for all them.

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    With the advent of Windows 7, both Windows XP and Windows Vista ERA is almost OVER. Software Vendors are moving towards to future applications and targeting Windows 7.

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    Vista aint over yet !! infact many organizations still running XP and a not many have higher version thn Vista.. Hwever i believe atleast Vista must be included for IE9

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