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Thread: Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7?

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    Default Uninstall Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7?

    The answer is pretty simple You can’t. Yeah, that’s true you can’t actually uninstall Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7, and the reason being from Windows 7 onwards Microsoft has added Internet Explorer 8 as a feature in it rather than as a program. This is the reason why you can’t see Internet Explorer in Windows 7.

    But this didn’t answer Jake’s Question so what should we do, there must be some workaround? Yeah, we do have and we always have :P

    What we can do is we can Turn Off this Windows Feature and after that you can’t find a trace that IE was once here on Windows 7, it’s just like uninstalling it (though you aren’t).

    How to do it?

    Follow the below 3 steps to Turn off Internet Explorer from Windows 7.

    Step 1. Click on Start ORB and type Windows Feature and hit Enter.

    Step 2. Now in Windows Feature Windows uncheck the Internet Explorer 8 Option.

    Step 3. Now click Yes in the Confirmation Dialog and Reboot your system and that’s it

    Now you have successfully removed IE8 from Windows 7 now what? installing/using some new Internet Browser.

    Source : beingPC
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    What about the EU edition of Windows7. There you are supposed to have a choice. Do they only "hide" the IE if you choose something else?

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    Yes, I believe so. It does not actually uninstall IE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    Yes, I believe so. It does not actually uninstall IE.
    Absolutely... It removes IE access only. Internet Explorer is the core component of Windows Operating system and can't be uninstalled completely.

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    Oh thank you so much for sharing it. I have found this software and installed it

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    why "uninstall" IE8 ?
    if you donīt like it, donīt use it...
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