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Thread: IE9 installation has me hung up

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    Default IE9 installation has me hung up

    I attempted to install IE9 onto my Win7 64 bit laptop. Installation ran fine, window pops up to reboot computer. I reboot the laptop, everything is fine. I click on the IE9 logo and the application crashes. I click on the button that indicates checking to see if this problem exists online and then the entire application and error window just shut down. OoooK so I figure to uninstall IE9 and not mess with it. Trouble is, it isn't in the Programs area to uninstall. Hmm... so I figured I'd just re-install it and see what the installer can do to refresh the installation. I click on the install and it starts running and then I get a window indicating IE9 hasn't finished installing.

    So, now my laptop cannot access any IE version and cannot surf the internet. Problem is, I need this application for my business, can anyone help a.s.a.p.? Thanks for your time and help!

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    You can uninstall IE9 easily.

    Open Control Panel, then go to Programs -> Programs and Features or Uninstall a program.
    Click on View installed updates link in left sidebar.
    Click to select and highlight Windows Internet Explorer 9, If you have trouble finding IE9 here then just type Internet Explorer in the search box and you will get it. Then click on Uninstall button in toolbar or right-click on the update and select Uninstall option.

    You can also do a System Restore to a time before installing IE9. You can use this program CCleaner to clean up temporary files and registry errors. You can also use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility but I guess that won't be necessary.
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