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Thread: Right click add-on for IE8, and 9. Page up and Page down.

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    Default Right click add-on for IE8, and 9. Page up and Page down.

    Is there any way to add (page up and page down) to the right-click menu of IE?

    I know there is already one when you move the cursor to the scroll bar. I am looking for an option that works anywhere over the web page. It is wasted time moving the mouse
    to the side of the screen to page down. A wheel mouse is not preferable. A page up or down button on the tool bar would be good also. Thanks.

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    I don't know about the context menu but have you tried:-

    Go to the next page ALT+RIGHT ARROW
    Go to the previous page ALT+LEFT ARROW

    I don't use IE so cannot verify.

    Found the info on MS's Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts page.

    OOPs!! Methinks I misread your post. Sorry.
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    i don't know weather the addon you're seeking is alive :-/

    by the way, u can use Elmer B 's Advice (Prefer to use shortcut keys)

    you may install javascript plugin to your site, if you want to go back to top as soon as possible

    For EG:- Go to Welcome to EC-Tech Blog and scroll down, navigate your vision at right end bottom/corner :-)

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