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Thread: Wordpress Login issue using Internet Explorer 9

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    Default Wordpress Login issue using Internet Explorer 9

    I have been having trouble logging into Wordpress using Internet Explorer 9. I have actually IP Banned myself several times thinking I was logging in wrong but this wasn't the problem. I have since installed FF and have no trouble whatsoever logging in. Just wondering if anyone else has had any trouble logging into Wordpress via IE9 and does anyone know of a fix for it?

    I wouldn't mind so much but I am admittedly a huge fan of Internet Explorer and I don't like having third party browsers installed. Not too mention IE9 to me is just flat out better in many ways.

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    Default Login problem with IE9

    I have the same problem. How did you fix it ?

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    Have you tried compatibility mode? I haven't had any problems with logging in with IE9, IE10 or others. Is this on a hosted Wordpress site, or a site?

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