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Thread: IE 9 Tweaker Plus - Feedback

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    newby confused jimmcconnell
    hello club members.
    maybe someone can figure out what's going on because i can't. I installed Tweaker plus + home page maker, i had started making a home page but then decided I didn't want to keep the programme on the computer. using windows 7. also i did eventually press the reset button with no changes.
    now whether it is something i did wrong (most likely) or simply misdirection of code (which i wouldn't know from 'piping'), when i click on IE 9 i get the following message and cannot resolve it. [also after a couple trys i managed to uninstall IE 9 for '8' with same message and then reinstalled IE 9 again with message.]
    " ....:/Users/donna/Downloads/IE9TP/IE9TP/IE9%20Tweaker%20Tweaker%20Plus%20v2.0/Webpage%20Files/Ho....
    Make sure the path or Internet address is correct"

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    Help please. I tried IE Tweaker Plus in IE 9.0.12 and nothing happened! I followed the 'rules', IE 9 was closed when I started, I clicked the apply button, and nothing happened, IE 9 opened as it always has (not full screen, no menu bar, no command bar, no changed home page). Please respond to my email address. Thank you.

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    ^ Try running it 'as admin'.

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