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Thread: IE9 Windows 7 Home Edition Password problem

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    Default IE9 Windows 7 Home Edition Password problem

    I have a problem with IE9 also: IE9 Windows 7 Home Version. I accidently clicked NO now I cannot get on my Yahoo page. Wanted to try the method first mentioned but I do not have a storage 2. What do I do? and how can I fix this? Help Please..

    I don't get a user name at all I have to type it in each time. It is only the yahoo page. I acceidently clicked no on save password. It asks if I want to save password but won't let me. Soon as I close explorer and reopen I have to sign in agian. When I sign in it does not take me to my custom home page. But I can sign in. Does not recall the password or my personal yahoo..
    Also I can go on another computer and log right into the account. No problem. I tried another yahoo account to see if it would save but it would not save that one either. All other pages no problem.

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    Hi Chris,

    This feature is called as auto complete. You have disabled that option. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable it back:

    1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    2. Click Tools and then Internet Options.
    3.In the Internet Options window click the Content tab.
    4. Click the AutoComplete button.

    Check or uncheck the options you wish have or not have AutoComplete. Below is a brief explanation of what each of the options are for.

    Web page addresses - AutoComplete for the address typed in the address bar.
    Forms - Enable a user to fill out fields that are commonly completed such as e-mail, address, phone number, etc.
    User names and passwords on forms - Any forms that are requiring usernames. This can be helpful for users who are frequently needing to enter their username and password. However, can also be a security risk if that computer is used or accessible by other users.

    However, it is always recommended not to save your username and password (This holds true if you are using a common computer )

    Hope this helps!!


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