Hello and thank you for any help given.

We are cross-browser testing on a site (ess .la/v5) and have a glitch that seems to only show up in IE8, possibly only with the XP OS... but that is what our client is using (btw, 1024x768) , so we have to try to solve it.

The browser's vertical scroll bar is MIA... I have tried checking the css rules, but can't seem to make the right change.

Again, we do get the vertical scroll bar in IE9 and all of the other browsers... but not in IE8... here's a link to a longer (temporary) order form ess .la/v5/orderform.php (there should NOT be a space after "ess" but I'm not able to post urls yet... the client needs to be able to scroll to see the whole thing and he has no scroll bar, unless he switches to Chrome, etc.

THANK you!