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Thread: How to set up Internet Explorer to use Yahoo Mail account as default in Windows 7

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    Default How to set up Internet Explorer to use Yahoo Mail account as default in Windows 7

    In Windows XP I had Internet Explorer set up to use my Yahoo Mail account as the default for clicking on an email address or button on a web page to send email.

    In Windows 7 I cannot figure out how to do that. When I select an email address from a web page I get one of two errors:

    "Unable to open this internet Shortcut. The protocol "mailto" does not have a registered program" ; or

    "Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed."

    Does anyone have a idea how I can fix this?


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    The system default email client is started when you click Read email from the Internet Explorer Tools menu. The registered mailto handler is started when the user clicks a URL of the form

    Which is your default mail handler? There, set your Yahoo as the default mail account. Also under Default Programs > Set your Default Programs, make sure that, all possible defaults are assigned to your default mail client. Should help.

    A bit technical, but nice related read at MSDN.

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    You have to install Yahoo! Toolbar, so download it first. Yahoo! Toolbar - Stay in touch with your world.

    When you install it, make sure you select the Install the Yahoo! Mail Plug-in and make Yahoo! Mail my default Mail provider checkbox.

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    I Love the thread. I learned so much from it. Thanks guys for sharing!

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    i too have downloaded the toolbar ,but saw no provision the "also download the Yahoo mail plug-in", as you use to see in to see in older toolbars ie ver. 7.2 .I see this problem all over the net ,so I am not alone with this frustration.Yahoo is not in my my defaults list, so cant install it as the default. I am not a novice ,but fear messing with the registry, have contacted Yahoo CS but they are worthless for tech support. And y "simple for an old man would help, thanks.Seems there should be a simple plus-in list to install all add ons. Will try to download the tool bar again(which will be about the tenth time, and try again. I'm running win7X64 IE-9

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