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Thread: Make IE9 Favorites "sticky"?

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    Default Make IE9 Favorites "sticky"?

    You could walk through the folder tree in previous versions of IE and the tree stayed open to the last Favorite selected. IE9 makes you start over at the top of the tree. My daily routine takes me to about a dozen websites, organized in some cases 3 or 4 layers deep. I uninstalled IE9 and blocked it for the past year, but dealing with Java inadvertently allowed IE9 to install again. I've searched and found lots of other questions about Favorites, but nothing addresses this simple difference. I don't expect Favorites to stay "open" when I close IE, I just want the tree to re-open to the site I just selected, so I can click on the next site in that folder.

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    Yes - even I would like that. But I do not know if its possible.

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