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Thread: SAVE AS and PRINT target commands are grey and disabled

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    Default SAVE AS and PRINT target commands are grey and disabled

    How do I enable SAVE AS and PRINT when I right click on an item? They are GREY.

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    Hi TomF, can you please provide more details? OS? IE browser ver? right clicking an image, a web page or anything? Does this happens when visiting any site/page or some specific site/page? As some sites disable right click , save feature... Also scan for any virus
    Meanwhile please check this: Save Target As and Print Target Commands Are Unavailable
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    The easiest method is to go reset the Internet Explorer (last tab on Internet Options in Control Panel).

    But if you prefer to keep your IE data and settings, please send the details asked above by Vasudev so that I can assist with this.

    Also, what happens when you select something manually and then press CTRL + P? Let us know if that prints the selection or something.
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