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Thread: Firefox connects, but IE & Chrome will not connect to Internet

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    Default Firefox connects, but IE & Chrome will not connect to Internet

    I can only connect using Firefox. Neither Internet Explorer nor Chrome can connect.
    I have tried allowing them through Windows firewall but that does not help.
    I should mention that when I shut down and restart they are not then allowed
    through the firewall.
    The only anti virus program I use is Microsoft Security Essentials which I
    understand does not have the facility to allow or disallow programs.
    Any suggestions?

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    hackerman1 is offline Senior Member
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    I need more info.
    Exactly what do you mean by "connect" ?
    When you "tried allowing them through Windows firewall", how did you do it ?
    What settings do you use for Windows Firewall ?
    Are you blocking outgoing connections ?
    If so, did you create any rules for IE and Chrome ?

    I havenīt usen MSE in a long time, but last time I used it MSE didnīt have any options to block any connections.

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    Since Firefox can connect, but Internet Explorer and Chrome cannot connect, I suggest you clear your Internet cache and then Reset IE and Reset Chrome and see if that works.

    You might want to also check out and see if this Internet Repair Tool helps you.

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