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Thread: Browser opens everytime I start up Windows 8.1

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    Default Browser opens everytime I start up Windows 8.1

    Hello Windowsclub team i need a help i have installed Windows 8.1 pro os in my laptop and i am using Lan connection for using internet and to access my internet access i have to login to my account which they have provided so when ever i start my laptop the browser opens automatically its annoying

    Previously when i used windows 7 in that its not opening automatically on startup now only when i started using windows 8.1 the browser opens automatically and shows the microsoft web page and i have checked in the startup apps there is no internet explorer to disable on startup option

    So please solve my problem ASAP to stop opening browser on startup its annoying every time

    I would be Thankful.

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    Hello and welcome to TWCF,

    Open Task Manager and switch to Startup tab, if you see Internet Explorer on the list, Disable it. In case if your system is a part of domain, consult with your domain controller to solve this problem. He may have applied some policy settings.

    Hope this helps, Good luck

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    This have happened to me on a University, where the laptop connected automatically to their access point but opens automatically the browser to ask por user and pass

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