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Thread: How to Refresh and Hard Refresh your web page in browser

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    Default How to Refresh and Hard Refresh your web page in browser

    Sometimes a simple Refresh which you carry out by clicking on the Refresh button or on F5 does not work and help load the latest version of the web page. You may still see the page from the cache. In such a case you need to force a Hard Refresh.

    When we press F5, a Normal Refresh takes place. In this case, if the browser can avoid re-downloading JavaScript files, etc. then it will do so. In the case of a Hard Refresh, the browser does not use anything in the cache and is forced to re-download everything.

    To carry out a Hard Refresh, press the Ctrl+F5 keys or, while holding down the Ctrl key, click on the Refresh button near the address bar.

    This works in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox too.

    When the “Developer Tools” console is open in Google Chrome, you even get a Empty Cache & Hard Reload option.
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    Wow . Very nice tip . Thanks

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