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Thread: Problem with Internet Explorer 11 in WIN 7 ?

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    Default Problem with Internet Explorer 11 in WIN 7 ?

    I've always used Internet Explorer despite having tried others. I'm using I/E 11 on my Windows 7 PC presently. Recently when clicking onto a website (any website), the website will begin to come up - then it will disappear. I have found that if I then, using the 'Start Button', scroll up to the 'Internet Explorer' Link', click on that and move over and down to 'tasks', then click on 'Open New Tab', the website will return.

    Once I have successfully opened a (website)(any website) and then want to open another, I must hold the control button down (thereby keeping the first website open) in order to continue to work. As long as at least one website is open, I can move around - but should I close all websites - and then wish to open another the issue repeats itself and I then have to return to the Start Button and repeat the process identified above.

    Is there anyone out there who may have experienced this problem with Internet Explorer 11? Or is there anyone who can advise why tis happens - it is a relatively new occurrence, beginning only about a month ago - never happened before that. ??

    Will appreciate any assistance - I would prefer to stay with I/N Explorer. Thanks.

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