Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could shed some light on an issue Im having, my office is going to windows 10 and they have some web based applications that worked great in window 7 IE11 but now in

IE11 on windows 10 when we go to open the app, for some reason it times out and says to log back in,

so I tried the app in IE 11 using Private browsing and it works, weird but I know they don't wnat everyone using private browsing since we haven't tested it on other web apps,

my question is are there setting within IE11 that can be set to stop the timming out instead of using Private broqwsing?

does anyone know what changes in IE11 when using or not using private browsing?

I did try to create a subkey in the regisrty to extend the time out but that didn't work, and I should mention this is IE11 not Edge,

Any help or direction would be greatly apprecaited

Thanks to everyone for their time and suggestions and I apologize for the rant