Windows has a broad ecosystem of products and partners that all support Windows. Displaying the Windows brand on your product represents a relationship and a shared commitment to quality between Microsoft and your company. Customers trust that seeing the Windows brand on your product ensures that it has been verified to work well on Windows.

The Windows 7 Software Logo program is made up of policies and requirements that help ensure logo’d applications are easy to install and reliable on PCs running Windows 7.

The purpose of this document is to outline the technical requirements an application must meet in order to participate in the Windows 7 Software Logo Program.

To obtain the logo the partner must:
1. Include business and technical owners for all submissions
2. Opt in to receive communications from Microsoft about their products
3. Include a copy and license of the software for compatibility testing purposes
4. Along with Microsoft agree to a 30-90 day resolution policy for all issues identified in market with logo’d products
5. Ensure the application adheres to all policies and passes all requirements in this document

- Comply with Anti-spyware Coalition Guidelines
- Do not modify WRP protected resources
- Ensure ongoing quality

-Install and uninstall cleanly
-Install to the correct folders by default
-Support x64 versions of Windows
-Follow User Account Control (UAC) Guidelines
-Do not load Services and Drivers in Safe Mode
-Digitally Sign Files
-Do not prevent an installation or application from launching because of OS version checking
-Prevent unnecessary reboots
-Support multiuser sessions
-Minimize application failures