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Thread: Live Search to get new brand & new features!

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    Default Live Search to get new brand & new features!

    "There's strong rumours that We’ve been hearing about a possible rebrand for quite some time, and, the Japanese term for “cloud” (or spider, depending) might be slated to become the new brand for Live Search. While that may still be possible, we’re not so sure, but what we are pretty sure about is that a new name is coming. One Microsoft exec even got a little carried away and confirmed it via Twitter."

    For more on this and the new features visit LiveSide.

    Kumo it .... sounds odd ! I dont think changing the brand from Live to Kumo or Sumo will make a difference to Microsoft Search.

    What do you think ails Microsoft Live Search? Why isnt it picking up? Do you like the name Kumo? Why aren't people using it as much as is expected?

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    What's the point in changing a sweet name? Changing the name will not do anything. May be some astrologers have suggested MS to change the name.

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    The amount of time & money they spent in making the entire Live brand is pretty much waste, all of sudden they are changing to something that sounds weird.

    Then if you think of it, Kumo is a good word as a verb. "Google" makes no sense as well.

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    Come on be fair here, we got to do some thing for those poor graduates who spent all that time at university leaning marketing I bet if we thought about it for 5 or 10 seconds we could all come up with a good rebrand. Much like the Toyota boy with Pajora (or something like that) for their 4x4 which means w..ker in spanish. No a name change wont make a difference being good will

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    It makes no sense at all!!! its not needed, Live search is pretty impresive....

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