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Thread: Windows 7 7070 leaked screenshots

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    Default Windows 7 7070 leaked screenshots

    Just read this news that Microsoft’s one more build,Windows 7 Build 7070 has been leaked.It’s just been three days or so, when Windows 7 Build 7068 both 32 bit and 64bit had been leaked and within no time one more build is leaked out.The screen shots were leaked by a member of the Facepunch Studio forums as his dad works in Microsoft.This is what he quoted

    I just came back from Microsoft, since my Dad works there. He works for in the SQL server division and here are some screenshots I took about the new build 7070.

    I don’t know if there is anything new to this build, but they installed it yesterday, so it probably will be leaked soon. They said it was a major update may be not to the user interface but more to the Kernel. Just letting you guys know.

    The Build string is 6.1.7070.0.winmain.090324-1853 which indicates that the build was compiled on 24th March as per the screenshots.But Windows7Center says according to their sources as March 27.More screenshots at link below



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    Great, just read about build 7068 one day ago and now again another build is leaked....

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    ^ No, it's old news now. 7070 screenshots leaked three days ago.

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