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Thread: List of Official Microsoft Twitter accounts - Follow @Microsoft on Twitter

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    Default List of Official Microsoft Twitter accounts - Follow @Microsoft on Twitter

    Microsoft already has a strong Twitter presence with numerous teams maintaining accounts on the microblogging social network, but until now there wasn’t an overall account for the company as a whole. On Wednesday, though, that changed as @microsoft went live on Twitter. The account is maintained by four members of the corporate communications team.

    Instead, if you’re looking for a little more personal interaction – or at the very least, more targeted news – you may be better off following one of these specific Microsoft-owned Twitter accounts:

    Products & Services
    @MSWindows – For Microsoft Windows
    @ie – Internet Explorer
    @Bing – Bing search engine
    @bingcashback – Bing Cashback
    @WindowsLive – Microsoft Windows Live
    @liveframework – Windows Live Framework
    @livemesh – Windows Live Mesh
    @wlmessenger – Windows Live Messenger
    @SharePoint – SharePoint
    @bizspark – Microsoft BizSpark
    @zunemarketplace – Zune Marketplace
    @wmdev – Windows Mobile
    @microsofttag – Microsoft Tag
    @Office_Live – tweets from the Office Live Team
    @officelabs – Microsoft Office Labs
    @MSOfficeResKit – Microsoft Office Resource Kit Team
    @Microsoft_Xbox - Xbox
    @MSMyPhone - Microsoft My Phone Team
    @msaccess – Microsoft Access
    @SilverlightNews – Silverlight News (by Dave Campbell)
    @fixit4me - Microsoft Fix It
    @Live_at_edu - Microsoft Live@edu
    @MSSurface - Microsoft Surface

    Blogs, Communities, and Websites
    @ZuneInsider – ZuneInsider blog
    @ch9 – Channel 9
    @ch10 – Channel 10
    @ch8 – Channel 8
    @mixonline – Mix Online
    @MIX09 – The MIX09 Conference (also see @MIX07, @MIX08 and @PDC08)
    @AskTechNetUK – TechNet UK
    @SiteNamedDesire – A Website Named Desire
    @MSDN – Updates from the MSDN site team
    @codeplex – Microsoft's open source project hosting site
    @MSExpression – Microsoft Expression Community Site
    @XNACommunity – XNA Creators Club

    @adCenterBlog – Microsoft adCenter
    @MicrsftTech4All – News from Microsoft Accessibility team
    @MicrosoftStore – The Microsoft Store
    @MicrosoftPress – Microsoft Press, publisher of books/ebooks/online content
    @Microsoft_Green - Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft
    @MSAdvertising - Microsoft Advertising
    @msPartner – Microsoft Partner Program
    @MVPAwardProgram – MVP Award Program
    @MSLearning – Microsoft Learning
    @MicrosoftUP – Microsoft Unlimited Potential
    @Micrsoft_EDU - Microsoft EDU
    @MSFTResearch - Microsoft Research
    @MSRobotics - Microsoft Robotics
    @bizspark - Microsoft BizSpark

    @XAMLEvents – Silverlight and WPF events
    @projectrosetta – Chronicling the trail from Flash to Silverlight
    @ContinuumShow – Exploring the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum
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    Handy list. Thanks

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    Dint know some thanks peeyush ...

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    Its been there for a couple of days & is managed by corporate relations team of Microsoft, as a matter of fact, the twitter id @linux welcomed @microsoft with a tweet but the guys behind the @microsoft responded only after 2 days. It was all over the internet

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    Although not sorted by category, yesterday I posted as close to complete a list of Microsoft Tweeter accounts that I am aware as well as a challenge to Microsoft to provide a "TwitterMS Blog" similar to BlogMS, which maintains a list of Official Microsoft Team Blogs.

    The list is sorted in alphabetical order. Paul Schottland (Microsoft Product Unit Manager) saw my post and the list. He has contacted the person who maintains BlogMS so hopefully, Microsoft will be providing an official list of Microsoft Twitter accounts.

    See Microsoft Twitters.

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    I had seen your lists at the garden Corrine as a subscriber to it. I just wonder when this twitter thing is going to burst, because it seems to me that these things always do..

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    Well, Seti, has the Internet burst? Has e-mail burst? Have forums like this burst? How about RSS Feeds?

    Seriously, social networking can be a valuable venue for sharing information. Via Twitter, for example, I get "news" faster than RSS feeds. I am, however, very careful about who I follow, sticking with tech and security people.

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