Hi All,

I am facing one problem in getting correct info of exported SCSI disk on initiator side.

I want to expose a SCSI disk which has a NTFS file system & data on it. The disk is pre-formatted with NTFS file system. I am using 32-bit Windows 2003 machine for exposing the disk.

After exposing the disk to initiator, the initiator can logged in to that SCSI disk successfully. But after successful login the disk appeared, in Disk Management, with incorrect disk size. Also I see many partitions created on it (on target size I haven't created any partition on that disk). Please help me in solving this issue. Please give me some clue so that I can solve this.

This happens with disk greater then 500 GB. Less than 500 GB disk works fine. Also I am able to access the data on that exposed disk on initiator side.

Besides above problem please tell me how NTFS creates partitions on disk and writes the partition info on disk?
Thanks in advance.