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Thread: Control your search history with Bing

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    Lightbulb Control your search history with Bing

    Bing is the new decision engine from Microsoft. A decision engine is like a search engine that harnesses the information on the Web to help you make better decisions about things like travel reservations, shopping online, your health, and more.

    If you use Bing on a public computer or on your familyís shared computer and you donít want others to know what you were searching for, you can control your search history. Sure, you can use this for nefarious purposes, but you might also want to hide your search history so your loved one doesnít know that youíve been using Bing to get the best deal on a birthday gift.

    To learn more about search history and how you can view it, pause it, turn it off, or clear it, see your search history.

    If youíre using a different search engine, learn how to use your browser to delete search history.


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    Thanks for the message, but i don't think i will transfer from Firefox to Bing simply because Bing helps me delete computer history easier.
    Besides, if you want to protect your computer using history, just deletion of internet browsing history is far less enough. I prefer to use history cleaner which is designed specifically to do this work, such as CCleaner.
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    There are many ways of deleating your history, like having your browswer set to deleat on exit. I have stopped using bing, because I do not personally find it that good when I am searching for images. Personally I think that Bing is still a work in progress.

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