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Thread: Visual Basic 2008 Beginner Help required!

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    Default Visual Basic 2008 Beginner Help required!

    Hi all! I'm completely new to the programming world having recently started university studying Software Development. I've been given some practice questions to get me used to using Visual Studio 2008 although i'm struggling to get to grips with it. A few of the questions are;

    Question 1 Produce the following menu screen

    Customer file system

    1. Add a customer
    2. Remove a customer
    3. Edit a customer
    4. Print customer details

    5. Exit System

    Please enter a menu option (1-5):

    Question 2

    Create a program to enter a personís name, address and telephone number via an input screen into appropriate variables. After the values have been entered, output the values in the following format.

    Customer Details
    Name: Joe Bloggs
    Address: 29 Ocean Avenue, Leicester
    Postcode: LE1 6UJ

    TelNo: 08746 761928

    Question 3

    Write a program to display the following menu and prompt the user to choose an option. Display the following message, depending on what was chosen. i.e. <Option> <Option Chosen>

    1. Add a car
    2. Delete a car
    3. Amend a car

    4. Exit

    I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out or give me some guidance as to what to do. I've started doing them as a consoleapplication. Is that right?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    You are on the right track. The program would revolve around Console.WriteLine(), and Console.ReadLine() functions.
    You could also get help from MSDN Forums

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    I am busy nowadays will help you when i am free

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