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Thread: Help with Remote Desktop

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    Default Help with Remote Desktop

    Hi all

    I have two machines one is at home and the other at my store, both running Win XP Pro SP2 Greek version I want to connect to the store's PC from my home using the Remote Desktop, and also to be able to transfer files same way like copy&paste.

    Both machines' main accounts are password protected like Windows says they should. And anyway there is not much to set up, just some checkbox "Allow remote desktop requests" etc.... I used the PC's ip address as the target computer. I can't make it to work. I get the message like "its not possible to connect.... the remote computer could be too busy or unable to connect...."

    The weird thing is that i tried connecting to it from a laptop, while being in the range of its wireless router (calling the pc's name of the local network instead of its ip), then it worked perfectly. The problem is only through internet :/

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    Why not just use Windows Live Mesh?

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    Well to connect 2 systems using Remote Desktop they need to be in a network with each other via LAN (AFAIK may be I m wrong).

    Well you can always use TeamViewer or Live MEsh as roraniel said

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