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Thread: Create Windows 7 Ribbons like in Paint and Office 2007

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    Lightbulb Create Windows 7 Ribbons like in Paint and Office 2007

    Today I came across a Software, which will help you integrate Ribbons in your application and the best thing is You don't have to work with are simply working in WIN32..........No MFC app.

    Its really great to use.

    Have you ever wondered what happened to custom menu bar in office 2007 or in Window7 PAINT, yes a more appealing, vibrant and good looking Ribbon is used in place of menu bar to make things easier. You can see ribon in action in Office 2007 or in native applications of Windows 7 like PAINT, WORDPAD etc.

    I have posted about it in my blog here is the EXCERPT. Read Full HERE

    If you are a developer and want to integrate Ribbon in your application than Visual Ribbon Creator (A tool for VC++ programmers to create Windows 7 Ribbons for their projects!). You can use this tool to integrate Ribbon in your application, though the tool is meant for Visual C++ only but you can use it other languages too since it can generate dll.

    Visual Ribbon Creator (VRC) is a flexible tool for Windows 7 Applications Developers to create a Windows 7 Ribbon visually for their applications. a software and research based website has launched this software. VRC is created by Michael Chourdakis.

    VRC creates a standard Windows 7 Ribbon using Win32 only. No MFC or Office-related coding. It is different than Visual Studio 2010 editor which creates a MFC/Office Ribbon. Use VRC if you are doing Win32/x64 directly. Since you are coding in Win32 it helps you remove a lot of coding which you otherwise do while creating the same in MFC (Integrate Ribbon in MFC Application).


    Generate Ribbon code.
    Generate DLL.
    Generate Code Snippers for sample usage.
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    Thats c001 ! thanx @ritesh.

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