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Thread: Sharepoint Document List

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    Default Sharepoint Document List


    Before implementing Sharepoint I just have a quick question regarding the document list.

    Is it possible for Sharepoint to be able to read documents directly out of a folder on the LAN rather than being uploaded manually? i.e if a document is uploaded to the folder on the LAN, the document list via Sharepoint reflects this addition?


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    Here are some comments from 3 MVPs on this issue:

    1. its likely possible; the document list would reflect this addition. (Kaushal)

    2. It is possible but i dont thnk it is possible with native sharepoint features. You can achieve this with custom .net code and adding it to sharepoint. (Shoban)

    3. simple way to do this later would be to use groove 2010 / SP workspaces as that syncs lists with SP. for the moment we have a connector and a webpart that allows us to take data from a database / groove and sync with SP and takes lists from SP and sync with database / groove on the LAN. you are welcome to this if it will do your job for now (Ashok).

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