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Thread: Help me get lost files back in XP

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    Default Help me get lost files back in XP

    Hi all...After my PC (with Windows XP) was downed after a power failure, Windows would not come up. I tried all the alternatives it gave me, but nothing worked. Finally the only choice I had was to choose System restore. That brought my PC to its original state (as it came brand new) but it deleted all the files and pictures that I had. My question is, is it possible to recover these files, and how can it be done? Any file recovery programs you suggest for this situation?

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    First try checking your C:\Documents And Settings\username that files were stored under, and see if you can locate them there, if not try the following

    Click on Start Menu/Run/regedit
    In Regedit go to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\*Explorer\User Shell Folders

    On the right pane check if you can see the missing files or folders (under Name column) has the default %USERPROFILE% location (under Data column) for it.
    Right-click on the missing files or folders and click modify, type in the default location of the missing personal user folder, then click OK. Close regedit, restart the computer to restore the folder.

    Hope this helps

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    Sorry to hear about your computer woes,Iren.

    As far as I can tell you choose the factory restore option on your XP.
    Now this quick formats your hard drive and restores your computer with the factory image of your OS.
    But since that one is smaller then the one you previously had ,chances are you might be able to recover some pics and smaller files.
    Try installing /using Easeus Recovery (for XP and Vista) on a portable can still download the professional version over here.

    When you're finished I would suggest to install some hard drive imaging program,to prevent losses in the future.
    My suggestion would be something like Acronis,Paragon-they occasionally offer free programs- or the ever free Macrium Reflect or Easeus ToDO Backup.

    Creating another partition and telling Windows to put your 'Documents' folder over there could be a' life saver' too.
    To do that you'll need a partitioning tool like
    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

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    I think you mean to say that your restore your computer to factory settings, without backing up your files first ( ) a pity!

    Nevertheless, try using freeware Recuva to search for and recover the files.

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    I don't count to freeware when value of data is analyzed... take a shot Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

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