Apple is reportedly in negotiations with Microsoft to replace the default search engine in mobile Safari on the iPhone with Bing. Those negotiations may even result in Bing being added as one of the search engine options for the desktop version of Safari, according to a report by BusinessWeek. Google is the current default on both platforms—and would likely remain a user option—though increasing contention between Apple and Google may be the reason behind a possible switch.

Apple and Google have long been collaborators and patners, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt sitting on Apple's board of directors until recently. Schmidt gave up his position amid an FTC investigation and increasing competition between the two companies. "Apple and Google know the other is their primary enemy," one anonymous source said.

In addition to competing in mobile smartphone platforms and cloud services, Google plans to launch its own operating system, dubbed "Chrome OS" for its heavy reliance on Web-based applications. Meanwhile, Apple has acquired its own mapping software company and a mobile advertising firm. Apple also acquired music streaming service Lala, which shortly before the acquisition had inked a deal to provide content for Google's new music search results.

Source: Apple may dump Google for Bing in iPhone search