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Thread: New Bing Maps Application: WorldWide Telescope

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    Lightbulb New Bing Maps Application: WorldWide Telescope

    The WorldWide Telescope application allows you to view most of the features available in the Silverlight client right in Bing Maps. Yes, the WWT provides real time information about how the space is moving over the Earth. This provides context for where celestial entities are in real time if you were to look up at the night sky. Upon launching the WWT Bing Maps App, you may get so excited and just want to see SOMETHING, so just jump right in with stars.
    Bing - New Bing Maps Application: WorldWide Telescope - Bing Maps Blog - Bing Community

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    I tried out the new Bing Maps. Pretty cool. Took a little getting used to after using Google Maps fro so long but I liked it

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