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Thread: Windows XP - Arrange Icons By - Need Advice Please

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    Default Windows XP - Arrange Icons By - Need Advice Please

    I really need to arrange my files (photos mainly) by date modified. The problem I have is the Show in Groups function. Is there any app/hack/mod available to add more choices? I'm sure we've all noticed that when we enter a new month (or worse, a new year) all of the older files get lumped into the last month or year with no subdivision and it becomes much more difficult to find the target files by date.

    I'd really like more controllable groupings... for example "By Day" so that each day is separated and any files modified will show in the appropriate day/group.

    Thank you for any info regarding this!

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    I am not sure whether that works in XP because I tried it in Windows7. If you set the folder to "details view", you get the dates. Then click on "Date" above once or twice (depending whether you want ascending or descending). When you then switch back to Icon view, the sequence should remain.

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