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Thread: Change Microsoft Office 2010 License Product Key

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    Default Change Microsoft Office 2010 License Product Key

    Here is a nice app which lets you change Microsoft Office 2010 License Product Key.

    Office Key Remover lets you remove Microsoft Office license key and allows you to enter the new license key easily.

    Just in case anyone need it!

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    Maybe it's good to know the program was made by DISTANTX,one of our forum members.

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    Actually This Application Edits the Registry of Windows and edit the registry key. But this Program is good. But i dont think people dont change office 2010 License key, as they get only one key. The Pirated keys used by people will be useful to people who get genuine office activation warnings.

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    thanks..seems nice application...but,i'm using a genuine license..lolz
    .!!,file is very clean...these are the additional details..why it is still unsigned?

    File size: 398848 bytes
    MD5...: 87d3462a7563a6036976e5b00ed17884
    SHA1..: 1fc307d8a83e8653a999921119d2ebb33043769f
    SHA256: dae8aaf6f6bba98bb011a4e5c189546bdb478959f7e15ff23e 75cef5bad5980d
    ssdeep: 3072:CVXgdtoZX9Bb4Nlplp0l1LQqqiyxTOmv8kQTf84kwPagL Y95s+rAgYpYmBj
    PEiD..: -
    PEInfo: PE Structure information

    ( base data )
    entrypointaddress.: 0x5efbe
    timedatestamp.....: 0x4bd7e087 (Wed Apr 28 07:15:19 2010)
    machinetype.......: 0x14c (I386)

    ( 3 sections )
    name viradd virsiz rawdsiz ntrpy md5
    .text 0x2000 0x5cfc4 0x5d000 5.09 a7dd6a43e84917dd6f5a31c34cf21072
    .rsrc 0x60000 0x41b0 0x4200 5.58 53b0d837099fc321a546bf4b72b88119
    .reloc 0x66000 0xc 0x200 0.10 00e509a8eab91349a77bd9f778bd174a

    ( 1 imports )
    > mscoree.dll: _CorExeMain

    ( 0 exports )
    RDS...: NSRL Reference Data Set
    pdfid.: -
    trid..: Generic CIL Executable (.NET, Mono, etc.) (85.3%)
    Win32 Executable Generic (9.9%)
    Generic Win/DOS Executable (2.3%)
    DOS Executable Generic (2.3%)
    Autodesk FLIC Image File (extensions: flc, fli, cel) (0.0%)
    publisher....: Microsoft
    copyright....: Copyright (c) Microsoft 2010
    product......: Office Key Remover
    description..: Office Key Remover
    original name: Office Key Remover.exe
    internal name: Office Key Remover.exe
    file version.:
    comments.....: n/a
    signers......: -
    signing date.: -
    verified.....: Unsigned

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