I have vmware installed on my computer and set up multiple test environments to help my studying along. I have a SQL lab set up. It consists of a 2 Server 2003 machines. The one is running AD and RRAS. It has two network cards, one bridged to a physical NIC on my computer with the subnet and the other a VMWare virtual switch on a different subnet, The second lab machine is just running SQL Server and has one virtual nic connected to the subnet. I am trying to connect to this SQL machine with ip (static).

My host computer is running windows 7 pro 64 bit. From this instance I can open a command prompt and successfully ping the SQL Server by IP. I added the name to my Hosts and LMHosts file and can now ping using the actual computer name, SQLSVR, as well.

One more piece to this. I have a Linksys router which is running Tomato v1.27. On it I have added a static route saying the subnet traffic should be directed to That is the IP for my AD/RRAS server in the SQL VMWare lab.

I hope all of these details make sense. I am not completely green but not a veteran yet so I hope my information makes sense.

I can successfully open, what do you call it, when you open your start menu and choose Computer - explorer right? Anyway, within that I can put in the ip address, put in credentials, SQLDMN\administrator and password temp, and see the mssqlserver share. I can then add the administrative share C$ and explore the hard drive of this SQL Server machine. So, by all accounts, I seem to be able to connect. However, if I try to connect using MMC it will not. Even when I put in specific credentials of SQLDMN\administrator and password temp it will not work (these are the credentials for the domain adminstrator account - remember test environment so the password temp was used for ease without concern for security).

I looked at the audit logs on my SQLSVR computer and see failed events and successes. These failed events indicate the connection is trying to use the credentials of my workgroup computer, not the explicitly defined credentials I told it to use, but there are those successes showing the explicitly defined credentials I defined. I tried the same procedure to my AD/RRAS server and also get rejected. The audit logs on the AD/RRAS machine shows the same failures and same successes. The failures again show my workgroup logon credentials while the successes show the explicitly defined credentials.

I also have problems connecting from Visual Studio 2008 Server Explorer, but only when connecting to the SQLSVR machine on the subnet. The AD and RRAS machine which has a nic on my subnet can be connected to without complications.

Can anyone offer some suggestions. I have to walk away from this and think. I will check back in frequently today but may be away for the weekend. I look forward to any help.