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Thread: Page X of X not showing in my Word document

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    Default Page X of X not showing in my Word document

    Brand new member with a problem! I was fooling around with the Select Browse Object button during a Word 2007 tutorial. I ended the tutorial because I had some work to do. Now my Word documents don't show me what page I'm on (bottom left corner where it says page x of x). It stays at page 2 of 10. I can see what page I'm on by the scroll bar on the right, but I need to get the view of my current page back to where it was before. I clicked CANCEL on the Select Browse Object button but that doesn't seem to have any affect. Any suggestions? I am new to Word 2007 and am having a hard time getting used to the changes.

    EDIT: Well, this is strange. All of a sudden (and with no other attempts to correct the situation) my page numbers are showing up. Wonder what the problem was but I'm glad it's fixed.

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    It's nice when you can solve your own problems, even by accident.
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