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Thread: Please someone with knowledge about upgrade 2011 help me?

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    Question Please someone with knowledge about upgrade 2011 help me?

    and WOW I got this spam system from 2011 I tried to shut it down it haunted me for 6 hours before I could figure how to get it of! They sent me warnings no miffing telling me I had up teen virus's and my computer will be disconnected from the internet due to me spamming with some software! Oh I had several so called software's that people are hacking into! The final and most shocking I get this mess. saying my IP address will be sent to local Police for spamming illegal email! I about sloped out of my chair! I'm an stay at home mother two children who the heck would I be spamming?????? The thing is every time I got closer to getting them off my system the meaner and more intimidating they got! One said DO YOU REALIZE YOUR IP ADDRESS IS NOW LISTED WITH SPAMMING AUTHORITIES? BUT IF YOU PURCHASE THIS SPY WARE WE WILL MAKE SURE THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

    OK I would not be so shocked if this was some off brand but this is suppose to be a company we respect at least I did until today! I mean Window's Microsoft? what is this world coming to??? I want answers and not some oh gosh that just could not be us bull! Please help me get somewhere! I do not want this to happen to someone else! I wasn't to hear from the company I just wont stop! It's all recorded in my system.

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    Hello and Welcome to TWC !

    So what software version 2011 are you talking ? Mostly the message your getting is from Scareware Don't worry about it. Download Malwarebytes Free edition and run a complete scan to make sure your not infected.

    Hope this helps,

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