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Thread: What are some different Operating Systems for a medium sized business?

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    Smile What are some different Operating Systems for a medium sized business?

    Hi friends,

    I don't know a lot about Operating System , I am looking for different options. Any advise of some options for a small or medium sized business, also prices of these. I will need 5-10 computers networked together with email.

    Carlow Olson

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    Of course there is Windows. Prices depend on what version. With that small of an office, I'm not sure if you'd want to go with Windows Server and active directory. Just a basic workgroup based network is very easy to implement and you should be able to do it yourself. Are you hosting your own mail server, or using an ISP or cloud based (Gmail, etc.)? Are you needing a file server?

    On the Linux side, there is a bit of a learning curve, but it's fairly easy as well. Prices are very low, as most distros are free. You could run a Linux server and host your own mail server (may require having a network admin being hired to set it up). Once it is set up, it is very easy to maintain.

    A lot of it depends on your needs. Just having the PC's networked together is one thing, but what do you want to share between them? Email hosted on your own server or outside? Are you using a network based database application? Sharepoint? Some may require Windows as an OS (Sharepoint), while you may be able to run Linux as a server OS and/or a desktop OS.

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    For your requirements a server installation may be the most sensible. I personally would go with Windows because it has the most options and is relatively easy to use. Linux is a cheaper option (I would suggest Ubuntu), but that is a bit harder to deal with.

    If you are not an OS geek, you may consider seeking the help of a professional for the initial setup. Else you are up to a steep learning curve.

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