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Thread: What is the difference between MAC and Vista operating systems?

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    Default What is the difference between MAC and Vista operating systems?

    Hi guys,

    I decided if I want a just a windows based desktop, I am not really sure what are the differences between operating systems .

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    Carlow Olson

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    Mac isn't a Windows based operating system. It won't run Windows applications. It can run Windows using a program called Bootcamp, though. That allows you to run Windows and Mac OSX on the same Apple hardware.

    But, you should be comparing OSX to Windows 7 (or 8). Vista is an older operating system and 7 is very much improved over Vista. Depending on your needs, what applications you use, etc., would determine if you wanted to switch to Mac OSX or stay with Windows. I'd recommend Windows, though, because this is a site dedicated to Microsoft Windows and that's my platform of choice!

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