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Thread: What is the difference between Linux operating systems?

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    Default What is the difference between Linux operating systems?

    Hi guys,

    Linux is one of the operating systems, I am not even going to brother to list them, I was wondering, it there a difference between them? Does each type of Linux operating system hold a specific purpose? For example, Red Hat holds a different functionality to Ubuntu, or something like that.

    Carlow Olson

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    Share the same kernel, but there are subtle differences. Mostly with package managers, desktop managers (KDE vs. Gnome are the big ones), etc.. Ubuntu is based on Debian, which uses apt for packaging. Red Hat uses RPM's for it's package management.

    But, they all share a lot of similarities. Your questions are really what I see as one of the biggest con's of going with Linux. There are a lot of distributions. Some work one way, others work a different way. All compatible, of course. Just to do something (from default), you have a variety of different ways, depending on your distribution.

    Even though I am a Windows guy, I still really appreciate Linux. Don't let these little things stop you from using it. Do a little research and you'll find the perfect one for you. I really like Mint Linux (it's based on Ubuntu). Easy to use, easy to learn, and very polished for an OS.

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    Yes all have different functionalities.

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