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Thread: Ruler in my Word 2010 application not working

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    Default Ruler in my Word 2010 application not working

    The ruler in my Word 2010 application is acting really stubborn. I have reinstalled the entire office suite without any change.
    Whenever I
    1. adjust a indent,
    2. cutínípaste text, or
    3. copyínípaste text, the command is executed as usual; but the strange thing is that the ruler will either;
    1. Freeze up, preventing me from executing any similar commands,
    2. A portion of the ruler disappears revealing the underlying window, or
    3. Fully disappears revealing the underlying window.

    The only cure in order to perform a consecutive task is to reveal the View ribbon then check/uncheck the Ruler checkbox in order to reset it.

    Does anyone know of any suggested cures or fixes?

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    Can you recreate the problem and provide me with a screenshot?

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