When Google came up with Google Drive, people were happy to know they were getting 5GB free and they can store their files on the cloud. But Google was already offering the service under the name of Google Docs. Almost all the features are same except that you now get to sync a local folder (and all subfolders and files within) with the Google cloud.

SkyDrive was already there, offering 25 GB but for some reasons, not many took the opportunity to claim entire 25 GB before they lowered the quota per account to - is it 7GB? They too came up with the client that allows for syncing your cloud folders with local ones. Soon after, I saw people going for SkyDrive. I do not know what exactly prompted them: release of Google Drive or SkyDrive desktop client.

Anyway, we have read many reviews and comparisons of Google Drive and SkyDrive. Some are present on The Windows Club too. Now since I am running both clients on my computer, I noticed few differences that I am sharing here:

SkyDrive Client vs Google Drive Client

1. When you "exit" SkyDrive, you receive a warning that you will no longer be able to sync your cloud folder. That is a false alarm however. If I run the SkyDrive again, definitely my folders will be synced. So why should I bother keeping the SkyDrive running when performing resource consuming tasks like using CorelDraw or Adobe Premiere? The message is sent out as if you will NEVER EVER be able to sync.

On the contrary, when you 'quit' Google Drive client, it simply closes. No messages - nothing. I guess Google gives some importance to users' capabilities to understand what they are doing. With Google Chrome also, you might have noticed you never get a warning when you close the window using the universal X - even when there are several tabs open. What I think is that since there is a provision to re-open recently closed tabs, Google does not "have to" mention that you are closing all the tabs - even if mistakenly. You can always re-open them. Same with Google Drive desktop client. You can always sync the folders later when you reboot or when you start the desktop client manually.

2. Upload is faster in the case of SkyDrive desktop client. I noticed how a smaller folder takes longer to sync in Google Drive when a huge folder is synced in few minutes with SkyDrive. This is probably because Google Drive client seems to count the number of files while SkyDrive client shows you the total number of MB to be synced or uploaded. I do not know for sure but I think there is some sort of compression technique at work in case of SkyDrive Desktop that enables it to upload files faster than Google Drive client.

3. While SkyDrive desktop client shows you that it is working, you have to manually check Google Drive desktop to see if it is doing anything. You get a bar moving right under the cloud icon of SkyDrive desktop client that shows you SkyDrive is up to something: processing changes, looking for changes and things like that. In case of Google Drive desktop, there are no visible indicators. You have to hover your mouse pointer over the desktop client icon to know what Google Drive desktop is doing. At least, I did not notice any indicators. Let me know if you did.