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Thread: Moving all E-Mails in OWA Inbox...I don't want it to!

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    Default Moving all E-Mails in OWA Inbox...I don't want it to!

    Ok, so I don't know how it happened and I'm having a hard time finding anything about it, but when I go to move a message from my Outlook Web Access (OWA) inbox to another folder using the drag and drop method it keeps grabbing EVERY message in my inbox....has anyone else experienced this?

    How do I make it stop?

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    Make sure you are only "left clicking" on any single email, then drag it to the desired folder. Don't hold down SHIFT or it will move more than one.

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    To turn it off, first log in into your email account (the settings for Clutter are in the Outlook Web App). >Your app settings - Mail > Options - Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter. To activate clutter management, choose Separate items identified as Clutter, then Save.

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