Hi, I have just resurrected a Dell Latitude D620 that I haven't used for 2 years and wonder if anyone can help me with 2 challenges?
1. The death march...: I replaced Windows XP with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (OEM) - not an upgrade - and then installed all the updates, via Windows Update and also added SECUNIA to make sure - which says everything is updated.
Then I had to remove a file - 'Windows.old' - after the install as it took up most of the H/D.

Everything works well sometimes only - but then far too often everything suddenly runs VERY SLOWLY... taking a very long time to load programs and occasionally 'not responding' for a while, before working.
The H/D seems to often be running very fast in the background. Although the Processes shown running in Task Manager are minimal, the Process Monitor shows that the RAM is always at around 78% (with 110 faults?) and the drive running between 50 - 100%?
The H/D has 55GB Free of 75GB and with 1.00GB RAM.
This can last for a long or short time - and then suddenly for no apparent reason, everything works well and fast????
Maybe the install didn't remove all the XP and other stuff????
I have no idea what to do - and am surprised as this laptop is a workhorse and has always been excellent - Didn't have these problems with XP SP3 before?

2. Office Install: I then installed Office Small Business Edition 2003 back on to the (same) laptop using my original disk and Key.
That went fine until I opened WORD... I was then asked to Activate Office. I provided the Key (that came with the disk) which opened the Activation Wizard and received the following: "Your installation cannot be activated because you have activated up to the limit for your Product Key. (then... see review User License etc)... then an option to go back to the previous window to phone in to speak to a support rep... When trying the phone option it said that this number was no longer available. When contacting MS I was told that this service was no longer available?

I then uninstalled Office using Revo-uninstaller) and re-installed Office , went into the registry and following MS Support website instructions I deleted 'Digital Product ID' and 'Product ID'. On the prompt I added my original Key which was accepted, then tried to open Word and Outlook - with the same 'activation limit' message.
I then found an MS 'FIXIT' (solution?) - which stated that the problem was fixed... but was not!
I don't have this original 'OFFICE' disk on any other machine other than this laptop - and never have had (I know I can only use this program on one machine) so I don't understand why this so-called limit restriction??
Is there any fix for this?
Would much appreciate help here and above.
Many thanks