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Thread: MS Office issue

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    Default MS Office issue

    Running Windows XP and Office 2003. got a virus and finally cleaned it out. Did a System restore to 12/10/2013. System is working well now. Any office document created after 12/10/2013 opens with no problem. Any document created before 12/10/2013 will not open. I get a windows dialog pane that asks me to select a text encoding that makes my document readable. Nothing makes it readable. Have tried Open Office, copying to new blank page, emailing and saving to backup hard drive. Help Please !!

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    try this: ""

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    One workaround that may help you is:
    Reset the date on PC to before 12/10/2013 and then open the document in Word.
    I am sure that will open.
    Then copy the contents of those files and make a bew document.
    That will solve the problem.

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