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Thread: Let;s try this again GRRRR (Not good with Forum uses)

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    Default Let;s try this again GRRRR (Not good with Forum uses)

    Lets try this again, it maybe a double post Sorry as I don't use these modes of communication at all and I don't understand the workings. Very difficult to navigate, why can't they make this more"user friendly" ?

    So an hour later . . here is what I am asking (very frustrated) Please help!!!

    Been working on a rather large piece of work, 51 pages so far. I started breaking it up into smaller pieces and saving them to a a SD chip. The first time I went back to it, I was perplexed that there were no files there and thought I just had forgot and hadn't done it. The next session I was pulling the finished parts and putting them there. The First 7 pages separately and the entire work I backed up onto the SD checking that they were in fact on the chip(they were). Tonight I went there (the SD card) opened them up and there isn't anything there in the document! It opens the document, shows the 21,000 word count with 51 pages, then shows 1 of 51 pages with 1 word on it. The first part the one I need is only seven pages but they are the first pages and I only had that one copy of it Grrrr I can select an area on the page as if the words are there I just can't see them. Does anyone have a suggestion? I hate the idea of all this work going to the wind . . . . . please . . .HELP!!!! I saved some smaller items to the SD and they are there and open, I didn't do anything different that I am aware of. The only difference is the size of the documents

    Desperate for help


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    What program was being used to create this file, page by page, correct? I'm wondering if write-cache may be meddled with by something. Far wiser techs than I should be coming in here sooner or later.

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    Did the font get changed to white somehow? If you can select text but cant see it try select all and chaging the color of the text to black.

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