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Thread: Recommend a Good *.dbx repair tool Microsoft Outlook express

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    Default Recommend a Good *.dbx repair tool Microsoft Outlook express

    This is a follow on to a previous post. Basically I reformated and reinstalled an os xp (quick format) and later found out that there were required outlook express 6.0 mail files *.dbx on the hard drive. I have used get databack to restore the *.dbx files which was ok they seem to be the correct files going by the names of them but they were stored in temp folders temp internet files etc. So i recovered anyway and tried to import them into outlook express which will not recognise them. So I have began looking for a dbx repair tool i have tried advanced outlook express repair tool it says it recovers the messages but they are all 1 kb and nothing in them it succesifully recovered 3 messages properly. Can anyone recommend other repair tools that i could use to repair ???


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    The same question has been asked on several forums already using the exact same title and the very same text, but under different usernames, one in 2008 and the other in 2015.

    You could see if helps you.

    [Now if someone comes along and posts a link to a 'good repair tool' shareware, rest assured that it will be deleted.]

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    Outlook Express stores email messages in DBX files which are located in the

    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

    If you recovered files from a different location, such as the "temp folders temp internet files etc." they may not be the correct files. That may be why you're having a problem recovering the actual messages.

    For more:

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    So many third-party tools are available in the market which can repair/recover your Outlook Express DBX file you can use one of them.

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