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Thread: Web downloads

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    Default Web downloads

    I frequently download retro-music video’s from website’s, and it’s no secret to say that most download’s end up with the audio/video out of sync, while others are perfect.
    Can anyone clarify why some video’s are (presumably) in perfect sync when they get posted onto the web, but end up out of sync when downloaded?

    And does anyone know of a utility which can fix this sync issue?

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    Google "utilities to download videos & audio from web" and you'll find some. Be careful and watch for viruses. Only download from trusted sites

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    It may be because of the video downloader you use. If you use first-class utilities to download the videos then you can rely on them.
    Use the video downloader extensions on Chrome that have the best reviews so that it would mean you get good sync between audio and video.

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    It depends on the service which is to download such videos usually can be downloaded directly through youtube it shouldn't be a problem.

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