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Thread: How to increase Word's Clipboard capacity

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    Default How to increase Word's Clipboard capacity

    Is it possible to increase the capacity of the Clipboard?

    Hi all (not sure if I'm in the right category)

    I have a mental disability and frequently create a pictorial walkthrough for any mind-intensive or lengthy processes, created via the ‘paint’ application, while the procedure is fresh in my head.

    One annoyance I have with Paint (and other graphic programs) and am hoping there is a solution to is:
    • The undo feature is limited to a certain amount of undo’s, is it possible to increase the amount of these undo’s?
    • The clipboard can only store one ‘PrtScn’ (screendump) at any given time.

    The only way to continue using graphics is to access word then clear the clipboard contents for every consecutive screendump. Is it possible to increase the capacity of the clipboard?
    I’m using Win 8.1

    Thanks in advance.

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    These links will help you:
    View & Manage Clipboard In Windows 10/8/7
    Ditto: A powerful free clipboard extension for Windows 10/8/7

    Not sure - but see if Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z allows you to do 'more Undo's".

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